Plenty of Fish Review

Plenty of Fish (also known as POF) is an interesting online dating site that I have a love-hate relationship with.

The largest free dating site in the world?

It bills itself as the largest free dating site in the world, and that just may be true. It is kind of ugly, some of the features are not free like seeing if someone has read your message or deleted it, but you are not restricted from contacting people or receiving messages if you are using the free version, which almost everyone does.

Plenty of Fish ScreenshotPOF does ask you a few questions when you join, like “Do you have a car.” Yup, they really do. It is a bottom of the barrel type dating site. A lot of the women also can’t spell (many seem to think “gentelman” is a word!).

That said, I have met some very quality women there, and a female friend of mine met her long term boyfriend and maybe someday husband there.

Sometimes it seems like everyone (except for me of course) on Plenty of Fish is damn ugly!

The site has a lot of members. Sometimes it seems like everyone (except for me of course) on Plenty of Fish is damn ugly, like the chick who was smiling in all her pictures yet clearly had black rotting teeth or the one that looked like she had cut her own hair with shrubbery trimmers and was posing outside a bowling alley with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I’m not making this up!

But there are some very worthwhile people there.

I’ll give up on POF, only to look a couple months later and find a dozen women quickly who look interesting and worth contacting. I literally just looked while writing this, and several “maybes” popped up. I just may be spending some time on POF the next few weeks.

They tried doing Speed Dating and called it FastLife, which they billed as  offering “upscale and exclusively tailored events for well educated, affluent professionals.” There are well educated, affluent professionals on POF, but that is not how I consider their primary demographic! Another option to consider is 25 Dates – I will be checking them out myself as they sound very promising!

Plenty of Fish, it must be mentioned, has very popular forums. You’ll even find an interesting Plenty of Fish Review or more there. Some people have a profile just to access the forums, and you’ll run across profiles that state that.

The “Will Respond” Feature is very nice: people who are more likely to respond to your messages. I also like the “Meet Me” feature where you can click yes, no, or maybe to the users you are shown and can also see users who have clicked “yes” for you.

Overall, Plenty of Fish is worth checking out.

Some people love it. If so, it is probably worth paying the few extra bucks a month for a paid version with the extra features. Of the three biggest sites though, I prefer Match and OkCupid.


3 Responses to “Plenty of Fish Review”

  1. Kate says:

    I like POF! It might have the most diverse set of people imaginable, and although there are lots of people I have zero interest in dating (or even meeting) on POF, doesn’t that describe the offline world as well?

    And it’s free so there is nothing to lose other than maybe a little time at night before bed.

    I must agree on the pictures though. It’s like almost no one on POF knows how to take a good picture! Too many selfies and horrible pictures.

    • Paul Foreman says:

      Hi Kate,
      A lot of people like POF!
      And you may be right, it just may have the most diverse set people of all the major (and maybe all the minor) sites as well.

  2. Pat says:

    Plenty of Fish is where I started, and I think the site is OK – it’s free, and there are some quality people there (and a lot I have zero interest in ever meeting, but I guess that’s most people anywhere!)

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