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OurTime is one of numerous niche dating sites that have popped up for just about any niche you can imagine, and they serve a massive niche: 50+ individuals. The site has has been around since 2011.

OutTime is a Legitimate Dating Site

Now speaking for several of the over 50+ women that I know, most of them strongly dislike getting messages from boys/men young enough to be their sons: that won’t happen here. And although some men prefer or are at least open to dating younger women, there is a lot to be said for dating someone more likely to have similar life experiences and be in a similar place in life.

Signing up for Our Time is quick and easy, with the standard questions, 14 in all, including how many children you have and how many live with you. There are free and paid options available.

Senior Couple on BeachEase of Use is High with Limited Support Available However

Ease of use seems to be one of the key features on OurTime, and admittedly, older folks are less likely to be highly computer literate than say my teenager.

Just like most sites, the “free” options only lets you look around for other singles (OKCupid and POF being notable exceptions). There is not enough functionality to message back and forth, but you can check to see how many singles are somewhat local. This can be an issue if you are not in major metropolitan area with all niche dating sites.

Features are pretty good, include messaging, live chat, and a straightforward search functionality.

Many people express frustration with their billing.

OurTime’s billing policies have been described as scammy by many and worse, although they are somewhat straightforward. Currently a 6 month subscription is about $12 a month billed 6 months in advance. For an extra dollar a month there is an option where they will place you higher in others search results. They auto renew all memberships (just like Match.com, no surprise, as they are owned by the same parent company).

Yes, this is highly annoying, but it is how they do it and it is in their terms of service. Make sure you cancel if you want to stop the billing, and you can always directly call your credit card company as well to be sure. There is little customer service, and this extends to billing. Customer service seems to be done in Costa Rica.

You will find lots of complaints online, not only about billing, but about the site. Most of these are downright ludicrous and not credible. They seem to be largely by people that simply do not understand online dating and how it works. “I messaged 5 women and no one answered” or “too many of the men are unattractive” simply indicates immaturity among the reviewers, even if they are over 50!

Online dating, just like any dating, involves a lot of effort. Many Ourtime reviews are from people that simply do not get that.

It is an OK site, many over 50s like it a lot, but the billing is frustrating and in the end it is a credible online dating site with all the good and bad that comes with it.


6 Responses to “OurTime Reviews”

  1. Rupert says:

    The billing is indeed annoying (but clearly disclosed), many of the people on OurTime are also on OKCupid or Plenty of Fish, but it is an OK site. When I look at all the negative reviews I’m amazed as some of the stupidity like “there are scammers there” or “I emailed 20 women and none of them answered so the site is terrible.” Clearly many of the reviewers don’t understand that scammers are everywhere, on and offline, and have never ever tried any other online dating site before!

    I belonged for 6 months. I may rejoin in the future – we will see!

  2. Mary says:

    Our Time was my first experience with online dating, and left a bad taste in my mouth! I’m considering trying it again, and doing research on alternative dating sites to Our Time – looking at meeting potential mates I wouldn’t meet otherwise I guess. My social circle is pretty small these days.

  3. Paul Foreman says:

    Don’t give up!
    I suggest everyone try AT LEAST 2 SITES to begin with.
    Different sites have different flavors and personalities and attract different types of people.

    Seems like you find online dating strange, which is normal. All dating is strange, certainly at first. Remember there are also some free sites you can try like OKCupid and POF (we have a post somewhere on that)

  4. Chantelle says:

    I like it based on my initial experiences – I am NOT interested in boys young enough to be my son, and there are fewer of those emailing me on OurTime!

  5. Andy says:

    Trying it now – initial impression is favorable. Lots of activity on it.

  6. Mary-Jo says:

    Wow, lot’s of activity and people even in my semi-rural area. I also like the company of people closer to my age. I do not want a boy-toy that is confused for my son! Been there, done that