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Eharmony reviews are interesting. Like many dating sites, people often hate or love Eharmony. It certainly is “interesting.”

If you are heterosexual looking for a long term relationship including marriage, Eharmony simply works. Its track record is impressive and they claim about 90 marriages a day from their site!

Eharmony:long term heterosexual relationship central

Eharmony:long term heterosexual relationship central

They absolutely do have the reputation of somewhere to go if you want to get married. One of my best friends very recently married a wonderful lady he met on Eharmony.

Eharmony claims they use a patented “scientific approach to match highly compatible singles” based on over 35 years of research by Dr. Neil Clarke Warren. I do not doubt that. They also state that potential matches are “prescreened on 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility: scientific predictors of long-term relationship success.”

Unlike other dating sites, you can’t join, upload a picture, and start looking around. They have around 400 questions you need to answer first, so they can find compatible people for you. The sign up process obviously takes a long time, and so you tend to find highly motivated singles here.

Also, if they do not like you, you are denied access. Eharmony started as a Christian dating site (they do NOT advertise that any more) and is pretty much designed for heterosexuals with Christian values.

Since their matching algorithms (far from perfect of course) seem to work, chances are you will get a far higher rate of responses from messages you send out, and if you are female and not sending messages, you will want to reply to a far higher percentage. Yes, there may be some absolute mismatches but far less than other sites. If you are looking for a great long term relationship, then you only need one direct hit. Of course your results may vary.

There is no searching built in! What a difference from other dating sites like POF! They will only send you potential matches. Now initially there may be few or no matches, so you may need to sign up and go back after a little while and see what is there for you.

You can sign up for free, going through the lengthy sign up process, and only become a paid (and functional member) after they start sending you messages.

An advantage to this approach is that they may email you discount offers to entice you to become a paid member, and Eharmony is expensive for a dating site.  A month costs nearly US$60, and just like other sites, multi month memberships are much cheaper per month. The popular six month option is approximately US$175. You will find some complaints online that they autorenew and bill you sometimes by surprise ( has some similar complaints). Whether these are legit or not I do not know, but use Paypal or a Credit Card and you can dispute them immediately.

So, if you are looking for a long term heterosexual relationship, consider Eharmony strongly as one of at least 2 or 3 sites you are using in parallel to find your match, perhaps including a solid freebie like OKCupid.


4 Responses to “Eharmony Review”

  1. Lindy says:

    Several of my friends (at least three) are married due to Eharmony – I tried it but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Too long a signup process with way too many questions. It obviously works though. Too few matches as well

    • Paul Foreman says:

      As they say, Eharmony is the place to be if you want to get married. And as you say, “It obviously works” and it does!

  2. Fred says:

    I also know two married couples who met here.
    I am going to try it, but all the questions seem formidable. Going to wait until my life is a bit slower as the questions will doubtless take a lot of time to answer well, and not answering well seems foolish.

  3. Rue says:

    No way I could get through all the questions – I just gave up. It would have taken a couple of weekends to answer the questions well, and not answering them well seems totally pointless. They also seem quite militant in their approach to dating – they are the experts, we know nothing.

    Turned me off, even though my girlfriend met her husband there so maybe I’ll go back sometime. Obviously it works.

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