Dating Profile Pictures Explained

You need at least one dating profile picture. If you are a woman, no one is going to write to you otherwise. If you are a man, it is highly unlikely you will get many responses if any. Advice on pictures varies – a lot – from the different experts. Here is the take from me.

Ladies, you need at least one picture that shows your body. Maybe you are larger than you want (I

A Dating Profile Picture

Good Picture – I’d suggest cropping it

am). Plenty of men prefer larger women. I don’t particularly, but I think lots of women who consider themselves fat are just about perfect. No one likes surprises, and hiding your body can cause a surprise.

Men, absolutely no shirtless photos. It doesn’t matter what you or I think; women do NOT like them. And you posing next to a car or boat also doesn’t usually come off well. Lots if women also prefer beefier men. In general, you want to be well dressed and groomed. Our course there are exceptions!

Have someone besides yourself look at your photos and see what they think. I pass mine by a couple of female friends. One I thought was awesome of me out in the country side by an old castle in Europe got dinged. I was shocked because I loved the picture, but apparently it didn’t show me in a great light!

Someone of the sex you are interested in will give you the proper perspective.

How do you get a great picture or more. There are three ways I recommend.

First of all, you might just have an awesome picture or two or three hanging around. Use them! As long as they are fairly recent there is no problem. Dig around – who knows what pictures you may have on your hard drive or on Facebook for example.

If you don’t have a picture, carry a camera around and have friends periodically snap pictures of you (a cellphone may or may not do a decent job, don’t say I warned you). Take hundreds, and MAYBE a very few will be good. Don’t necessarily tell them why if you don’t want to.

Hire a professional. Look on Craigslist is my recommendation for a professional photographer and have them take a few pictures for cheap. They know what they are doing! You can get some great shots this way for cheap!

So, should you have pictures with other people? How about with attractive people of the other sex. How about action shots?

There is no absolute answer, EXCEPT: vary your pictures. Change them around every few weeks.

Hey, every time you change your primary picture you are essentially a new person online!

What about photoshopping or otherwise modifying pictures? There is no problem with this unless it is excessive. It is no different than women wearing makeup. Now if the finished photo looks nothing like you, that is absolutely wrong and this should be obvious.

I actually met one woman on OKCupid who had no picture posted. I usually do not even answer if there is no picture, but she seemed nice and we took a chance. We definitely were not a match, but she was certainly cute and fun!

Ashley Madison is a different beast, although pictures are still important. They are not shown to anyone else you allow it due to the “married and I want to have an affair” nature of the site!


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  1. Roger says:

    Very informative – I just went and looked around on Craigslist and found some local photographers who are willing to do professional shots damn cheap! One guy basically said if it’s after normal business hours (which happens to be when I’m free too) and I come to him, he’ll take pictures for the price of a couple of drinks