Dating Profile Examples: Part 1, Your Name


Your name matters

In this multipart series, we are going to look at actual dating profile examples of what works and what doesn’t work.

Few people think about the name they use online. It is actually pretty important because the wrong name is pretty damn damaging. The name you use for online dating matters!

Here are some bad ones I’ve found in the past few minutes looking online:

Bad Names:

brokenhearted – Let’s see, this person can’t let go of the past, is possibly damaged, and sure as hell doesn’t sound positive. Now this it turns out is a guy. He probably has low self esteem (and the rest of the profile echoes that). Hope you feel better dude, but I don’t want you dating my sister or my female friends!

TIERDOFALLTHEBULLSHT – First of all, she misspelled “tired” which doesn’t look good. And why would anyone possibly be interested in someone who goes by the name “tired of all the bullshit?” What a negative person! And all caps too? Her pictures are hot, but no way, not me! She starts out projecting a megadamaged and SCREAMING image. Get some therapy before you date, bitch!

JennieLomba – This woman used her real name (I did change it). One quick google and I found her LinkedIn profile and way too information on her. Do you want anyone to be able to figure out who you are? No way!

Here are some good ones:

ladyevil30 – Here is spunky fun name. She no doubt has a sense of humor. If the rest of the profile seems devilishly fun, and there is physical attraction, she may be a winner. From OkCupid.

RXforEverAfter – This one says “looking for a soul mate.” It’s classy, imaginative, and they are also in the medical profession and make it clear they love their work. A winner of a name!

kelski26 – I like this one. Her name is probably Kelly or similar, and her profile makes it obvious she loves skiing!

StupidCherub – Her profile reveals a silly girl who seems like she might be lots of fun. I like it, it has personality, and so does she. If you don’t like it that’s fine: you probably aren’t compatible with her and that’s OK. A great name doesn’t have to attract everyone! From Match.

Some OK names:

geosmith – Probably George Smith, this simply says “I am who I am.” Nothing exciting, but not bad at all.  It’s OK. I like it.

topazgirl65 – Certainly OK, although I’m not sure what it means. She was probably born in 1965, and is lying about her age by a few years though! A feminine name for sure! From POF.

GladioLux16 – Once again, a name I don’t understand, which is OK. If you have a unique name like this one, do NOT use it elsewhere online or someone may find you too easily with a simple search engine search!

How hopefully these online names I pulled from actual dating profiles, real examples, have you thinking! Your name matters. Do not pick a name that sucks!

Remember just like your pictures and other parts of your dating profile, your name matters a lot.


3 Responses to “Dating Profile Examples: Part 1, Your Name”

  1. Bob says:

    I deleted one of my accounts and then recreated it as they wouldn’t let me change my name! I never thought about the “name” but after reading this, and then sharing my profile “name” with 3 female friends for feed back, it is obviously a bad name. My new one is way better, and we’ll see how I do – it’s looking promising for sure!

    • Paul Foreman says:


      Some dating sites let you change your name and as you’ve found, some do not. Great idea passing potential names past women – or whoever your target demographic is!

  2. Ruppert says:

    I never thought about this but it makes sense. Then I looked and noticed that subconsciously at least, I tended to message women that were overall positive, and that included their screen names. I’ve changed mine from something meaningless to most who do not know me, to a name that says something positive!

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