Completely Free Dating Sites that Work!

It is amazing how many people ask for free dating sites, and how many claim (falsely) to be free.


Online dating is never 100% free even with a free site – there is the time and incidental costs involved

First, let’s cover something important. Dating is not free! You might you a completely free dating site to meet people, but it still costs money to go out. Maybe you are dating guys who pick up the tab, but it is still costing you time! Both the time to meet people online and the time to date are significant.

That said, there are a couple of free dating sites that are worthwhile.

Now, a great many sites say they are free but they are lying.

Some sites will let you “join” for free and look at pictures and probably post a profile and profile picture. However they will lack the basic features (like actually sending messages back and forth with people) to actually meet them and date. Or they may offer an occasional free trial (Match had/maybe has a 7 day free trial for example).  These are not free and claiming so is bogus!

Some newer online dating sites may have be free for a while also,  so that they can attract new members. This is cool, but the “freeness” expires once they have more members.  Specifically, for a site to be successful, they need to have a bunch of attractive women. That is simply a business fact. They get attractive women by being free, or sometimes by creating fake profiles. These sites often do not have enough members yet to be worthwhile.

We have three (actually 2 and a half) free sites that have been free forever that we recommend, so read on.

The top of our list is OKCupid. It’s a very popular and mainstream site with piles of men and women active. Unless you live in the total sticks there are probably compatible singles nearby. I like this site a lot, more than many paid sites!

Now they also have a paid option which gives you some cool features, but I have met plenty of people using the non-paid version and so have scores of other people. Recommended.

Next is Plenty of Fish, also known as POF. This site works, but is sort of bottom of the barrel. You will find some quality people there, together with lots of ugly people who can’t write and perhaps type their profiles in ALL CAPITALS! Common people, everyone can get a decent picture! No need to have only a selfie in the bathroom with an obvious turd floating in the toilet, or a big smile showing your rotting teeth!

I do however recommend POF. I have met some quality people there, and some folks love the site. It also has a totally unnecessary paid option.

Number 2 ½? Facebook! Although not a dating site, I have reconnected with people I used to know, met briefly at parties and never had a chance to exchange contact info, and connected with friends of friends. And yes, I have gone on to date several of them. If on Facebook, and who isn’t, maybe that hottie you had a crush on in Junior High is there and single, lonely and waiting for you!


4 Responses to “Completely Free Dating Sites that Work!”

  1. Fred says:

    “Totally free” is almost always bogus. So many sites say it, let you register for free, but you can’t actually meet anyone or exchange messages unless you pay.

    OKCupid is free and works like you say. I haven’t check out POF but will on your recommendation.

    I have found other sites that were free also, but they either seem to disappear or start charging money eventually!

  2. Marie says:

    Wow, really useful – I’m tired of dating sites that claim they are free but really aren’t, like you can not send or read messages without paying. I do NOT mind paying if I find a site I like and can really check it out though.

    POF is Okay, still not 100% sure of it. I just joined OKCupid based on your advice minutes ago and we’ll see!

  3. Brandy says:

    I’ve dated two “friends of friends” I met on Facebook! I never thought of it as a “dating site” but I guess it is now. Since I have a (long-term and maybe forever) biyfriend from facebook does that mean I need to quit now