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Christian is a very popular dating web site for people for whom their Christian faith is paramount in their lives.

Many people have met their match on What you will find is a large number of friendly Christians of all types (I hesitate to use the term “denominations” or similar – hey, Christian is Christian).  Just like almost every dating site, it has its fans and detractors.

It is easy to find people to meet, I believe in large part because of Christian’s faith in humanity and common background, easier than on many other sites. With some effort, you can meet a lot of people and hopefully the right one!

It is not remotely free, and little on this planet is, but like most sites you can join and look for free but do little else. You will not meet anyone unless you pay to join and that should be no surprise.

Making money, operating a successful business, is not remotely un-Christian. It supports ones family. Still, some whining people are annoyed that they charge money and also that they auto renew memberships and indeed this can be annoying (many sites do this).

Bottom line: You can checkout the site for free, but meeting people requires a paid membership – no surprise!

It uses several tests, including the “Color Code Personality Test” to help find matches which are compatible, and the “COMPASS matching test”, a multiple choice test, to further refine this based on your personality. Of course these are not perfect, but seem to be pretty good.

If you get a few matches that you absolutely cannot stand, that annoy you to the core, that upset your essence as a Christian, then consider a Monastery or Nunnery, or learn to relax. You only need ONE perfect match!

Christians on this site, like humans everywhere, are a mixed bag.

Although I rarely write about my Christian faith (I consider my faith personal), we are all sinners.

For the men, many women on the site are single mothers. Some through wedlock, perhaps many more because their husbands left them or died. If you are a man expected only vestal virgins on the site, then perhaps you need to have a firmer grip on reality.

If you want only to meet a never married virgin, that of course is another thing and more difficult of course because we truly are all sinners of various types. Get over it! Yes, you can find a virgin of course, but like anything else, it takes some effort.Perhaps God has other plans for you and are you are being a dickhead? It’s possible!

And for women (and I realize this is sexist and not fair because things go both ways), there will be many men who really want to have sex with you. This exists everywhere, and it is just the way it is. There are probably nearly or perhaps even more men amazed that the site has women strongly interested in premarital sex.

I have zero problems with that. Do not impose your morals on others, or quite frankly, as Jesus would say (I paraphrase here) “You are an asshole.”

With some honest work, you may find exactly the person you seek on this site. Do not judge or belittle those who do not meet your standards, whether it is because their morals are different from yours or because their body type is not to your liking (and both are certainly important).

Plenty of serious Christians have premarital sex, and you and I cannot pass judgment, but we can stay steadfast in what we want. That may be no sex until marriage or an assortment of sexual partners.  Jesus did not judge, and neither can we.

As one of the biggest Christian dating sites, there are many potential matches here. We can complain endlessly that something is not perfect, or go with the flow. You might meet your match here, Who knows? Certainly neither you nor I!

And I must mention, plenty of Christians, perhaps more, meet their matches on sites like Match or OKCupid.

Addendum: I just learned my old family friend Nick met his wife here!


7 Responses to “Christian Mingle Reviews”

  1. Luke says:

    I’ve found a lot of women on Christian dating sites who are not remotely what I would consider “Christian” as well as some wonderful gals.

    You are right, humans are a mixed bag wherever you find them.

    Most importantly, I met my fiancé here.

    • Paul Foreman says:

      Congrats Luke!
      That is awesome.
      People are people – good and bad. Someone claiming they are Christian, whether true or false, doesn’t make them good. and there are plenty of “good” people who are not Christian. That said, having shared values with a life partner is extremely important.

  2. Manny says:

    Mixed views on Christian Mingle and other Christian sites – have had good luck simply describing my faith as important on other sites as well. I do belong however and like the site.

    • Paul Foreman says:

      You can be very serious about your faith, and still not use a “Christian” Dating site, Christian Barber, Christian Baker, etc. People of all faiths are everywhere.

  3. PJ says:

    OK Paul, what is a “Christian Barber” and “Christian Baker” ??

    • Paul Foreman says:

      PJ, some Christians prefer to patronize establishments that are run by Christians and the espouse Christian values. So a Christian Barber for example would be a barbershop run by Christians, and basically using “Christian” as part of their marketing and message.

  4. Raj says:

    I find “Christian Mingle” to be a respectable and decent dating site, but no more “Christian” than most other sites! Just because someone identities as a “Christian” doesn’t mean they are, and just because someone doesn’t identify as such doesn’t mean they do not espouse values identical to those that do. I’ve met more Christians on mainstream sites recently.
    Just saying …

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