Catholic Match Review

PopeCatholic Match is an online dating site specifically and exclusively for those who are Catholic and seemingly serious about their faith. Of course you will also find serious Catholics on other sites like Match and OKCupid, and many people their stress their faith and its importance, but on Catholic Match you will exclusively find (hopefully) very serious Catholics.

The mere fact that someone signs up indicates that they are serious about their faith

It has been endorsed by several prominent Catholic leaders such as author Mary Beth Bonacci, Rev. Frank Pavone Founder, Priests for Life, author Stephanie Wood Weinert, and radio host Steve Wood. OK, so maybe you never heard of these people, but a great many serious Catholics have and are fans of and trust them.

Originally started in 1999 as by Jason LaFosse and Brian Barcaro, they changed the name in 2004 as people were having difficulty with the name – it’s hard to remember and the .net extension was probably gotten wrong a great many times. In fact they were amazed that the name was even available as online dating had already exploded! (St Raphael is the patron saint of singles).

The site is pretty simple and easy to use, although there are lots of rules (Catholics should be accustomed to this) and fine print. For example, annoying automatic rebilling as a great many sites do and a no refunds policy, even if you get thrown out.

Just like most sites, you can look around and see if there are matches in your area before you sign up. You can sign up for free, but to actually meet anyone you will need a paid member ship which is pretty standard.

Actually with a free membership you can do almost everything except contact members. It is not expensive and current membership options include $29.99/monthly, $12.49/month for six months billed as a lump sum and a few other options.

Some of the rules are “interesting.” For example staff can monitor, edit, and remove any and all communications and all communications must adhere to the “Catholic doctrine.”

Signing up will take about 15-20 minutes as they ask you a bunch of questions, both faith based such as can you marry in the Catholic Church (for non-Catholics, the Catholic Church has far more rules on who can marry and how etc. than any other Christian church I know of) and basic demographic info like age and where you live.

To summarize the site, it has a large and active membership of serious and semi-serious Catholics. If you are looking for a Catholic for marriage, this is a decent site and well worth checking out!


2 Responses to “Catholic Match Review”

  1. Ruth says:

    Tried it at the insistence of a friend. Although I am Catholic, I was initially turned off by the “Catholic” focus.

    Fervent Catholics are often crazies, although I am quite religious myself. I found everyone from not at all serious, to fervent, to truly nutso – just like any other dating site.

    Worth checking out – do not know if I’ll renew or not

  2. Roger says:

    This site is pretty good – I met my long term girlfriend there. People think because it’s “Catholic” that everyone is looking for marriage but that it far from the case.

    For many of us, although we rarely admit it, “Catholic” is as much about tradition as religion. Not everyone of course, but a great many people

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