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Online Dating, Writing, and Grammar – Does it Matter?

Does writing well matter for online dating? Does proper grammar make a difference in profiles and messages? Does it matter if you use all lowercase, don’t know how to properly use punctuation, or maybe write in a texting style language? What about misspellings? Both empirical observations as well as scientific dating suggest they may. They […]


Completely Free Dating Sites that Work!

It is amazing how many people ask for free dating sites, and how many claim (falsely) to be free. First, let’s cover something important. Dating is not free! You might you a completely free dating site to meet people, but it still costs money to go out. Maybe you are dating guys who pick up […]


How to Meet Women Online

This article is aimed at men, although I know plenty of women who also want to meet women online. It is aimed at men because we men have serious problems online dating and usually fail. Women have better luck in general. Now women in general hate the idea of online dating (yes, a stereotype, and […]


Dating Profile Examples: Part 1, Your Name

In this multipart series, we are going to look at actual dating profile examples of what works and what doesn’t work. Few people think about the name they use online. It is actually pretty important because the wrong name is pretty damn damaging. The name you use for online dating matters! Here are some bad […]


Dating Profile Pictures Explained

You need at least one dating profile picture. If you are a woman, no one is going to write to you otherwise. If you are a man, it is highly unlikely you will get many responses if any. Advice on pictures varies – a lot – from the different experts. Here is the take from […]


Dating Younger Women Online

Men always ask, so . . . Can you meet younger women online? The answer is yes! Yes you can, but read on, because it is not necessarily easy unless you know how. First of all, you need to believe that dating younger women is possible and understand some basics. Here is a great primer: […]