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Ashley Madison is a dating site for people who want to have an affair, in other words, cheat. It has been around since 2001, and its motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.” We are not going to go into ethics here, but merely review the site. Judge not, lest you yourself be judged.

It has over 21 million members in 30 or so countries. They advertise extensively on TV, radio, and more. It is trying to launch in Singapore, but Singapore has announced it will not allow them. How Singapore can stop them is anyone’s guess.Ashley Madison

It is free for women. It is pretty expensive for men.

It is free for women. It is pretty expensive for men, who get charged for just about everything. Instead of a simple membership model like and others, it depends on “credits.” For example, it costs credits to initiate a conversation, to chat, and just about everything else. This is for men – it is free for women. It gets expensive fast.

This “credit” idea is somewhat like the “coin” concept that Zoosk uses (and which I am not crazy about).

User pictures are not shown, unless a user sends someone a key to view the pictures. As presumably most people are married, this makes sense.

There are a lot more men on the site than women.

Let’s be frank: it is easy for a woman to have an affair. An affair with someone she is crazy about may be much harder of course. Most women who join get bombarded with emails, many crass, most clueless, from men.

For men that join, to find a “real” woman who is interesting takes quite a bit of work. Most men fail at online dating (they do not read sites like this or they would succeed) and having an affair just makes it much tougher. Men, you need to be on you’re a game here!

It is widely understood that Ashley Madison creates fake female profiles to entice men. According to Wikipedia, unless men “opt out of the ‘Ashley’s Angels’ feature, the site’s Terms and Conditions say that users who have not yet paid the site any money (‘Guest’ accounts) may get computer generated messages from fictitious profiles that “are NOT conspicuously identified as such.” Err, these messages cost money (”credits”) to respond to.

Former employee Doriana Silva sued them in 2012, claimed she had developed repetitive stress injury while created over 1000 fake female profiles in preparation for the launch of the Portuguese version of Ashley Madison (ref. Wikipedia).

Ashley Madison has some scammy practices, which may or may not be legal (I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t comment here). You absolutely CAN find someone to have an affair here, whether you are male or female, but it takes some work and knowledge.

There are also plenty of married people lying about their marital status on OKCupid, POF, and more as well. Personally, I just had an affair with the babysitter. But that was long ago, and my marriage, which was dead, is now officially long over as well.

I do not judge. If intriguing, now that you know the story, check it out.


8 Responses to “Ashley Madison Review”

  1. Bradley says:

    I’ve tried it twice. The first time I simply gave up, although admittedly I did not know what I was doing. The second time, with some coaching from single friends with experience with online dating I got a few responses from real women and met several. I was a lot of work, but I guess all online dating is.

    The fake profiles and “robot emails” do suck, but I don’t know of alternatives to this site. I’m not going to go on a mainstream site and lie about my marital status like I guess lots of other people do!

  2. Bobby says:

    I neither like nor dislike Ashley Madison – it can work and has for many of my friends. It clearly is the winner in its “category” as other “affair” sites simply do not have many women on them at all.

    • Paul Foreman says:

      Bobby, you are right – some “affair” websites have so few women on them as to be useless.
      Ashley Madison may have fake profiles, but it also has the most women of these types of sites.

  3. Robye says:

    I tried it – must admit a total bust for me. Then again, admittedly I had no idea what I was doing.
    I know quite a but more about dating online now, but am no longer married, so . . . .
    I spent money with zero results and it was frustrating!

  4. Psytrin says:

    Tips for those looking to avoid the fake profiles:

    When you request a private access key from someone, and get it immediately after sending the request, it’s fake. (You can tell by looking at the random little chat in the top middle of the page when you get a notification like that)

    Anyone sending you e-mails, in my experience so far, will type in lower caps and bad English asking you if you would like a ‘free VIP access’ to their private cam stream, on a website that you’ve probably never heard of before. When I actually confronted these women about why they wouldn’t just use skype cam, or chaturbate or something that is already free, they got very aggressive and rude very quickly. I’ve already talked to 6 of these ‘women’ and wasted around 60+ of my credits. I haven’t bothered to go to these camsites they’ve linked because each one requires you to register your card info, which is not cool by me when the site looks like I could have made it in grade 7.

    • Paul Foreman says:

      Excellent advice for all – thanks for contributing.
      Lot’s a scams everywhere of course, and the dating world is no different.
      We appreciate your concrete (and no doubt hard learned) tips!

  5. Alister says:

    I am SO happy I signed up with a pseudonym – any site can get hacked and so many dating web sites have been. My privacy is important, even though my wife knows about and maybe not condones but puts up with my affairs. hell, I put up with her shoe and handbag obsessions!

  6. Maxine says:

    I’m pretty surprised to see they still exist! Their business must be WAY done. Then again, they do not have any real competition – other sites that claim to be similar have minuscule numbers of members, relatively speaking.

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