About Us

Online (or Internet) Dating should rock! It often doesn’t. Sometimes it is a lack of basic understanding over how it works, sometimes using the wrong sites, sending poor messages, and very much poor profiles (men and ladies are equally bad here).

I have several friends who are married BECAUSE of meeting on various online dating sites; it does work. I also have friends, male and female, that have used it for casual dating meaning their number one and only goal was not finding someone to spend an entire life time with (that doesn’t mean they didn’t in some cases).

I have also met some women, that despite being attractive, talented, and kind, have become great friends. We just were not compatible romantically, but they are great people.

We have some serious misconceptions all around.

Men: Most women are a bit scared of meeting someone from online. They don’t like the idea. If you exchange endless messages with someone that doesn’t want to meet, move on. Also realize that you will need to develop some rapport and get to know each other a bit before that first meeting.

You WILL be sending lots of messages, and the vast majority will not get answered. But you can and will (if you follow the advice here) meet some quality women! Don’t get hung up on picture – I have met stunningly attractive women with mediocre pictures and vice versa.

Women: Forget about the White Knight in shining armor on a white horse myth as you’ve heard it all your life. It needs updating. Your White Knight may arrive by way of an online dating site, or you may meet him in a supermarket, etc.

Online, forgive men for their stupid profiles with “lists of facts” – that is how men communicate. No one is going to appear “perfect” online, but they may rock in person once you meet them.

Hey, this is based on my experience as a guy and the experience of many of my friends including women! Your experience will absolutely vary. Online dating, including techniques and the character of sites themselves, will evolve. We do our best for accuracy here!