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Eharmony Review

Eharmony reviews are interesting. Like many dating sites, people often hate or love Eharmony. It certainly is “interesting.” If you are heterosexual looking for a long term relationship including marriage, Eharmony simply works. Its track record is impressive and they claim about 90 marriages a day from their site! They absolutely do have the reputation […]


Christian Mingle Reviews is a very popular dating web site for people for whom their Christian faith is paramount in their lives. Many people have met their match on What you will find is a large number of friendly Christians of all types (I hesitate to use the term “denominations” or similar – hey, Christian is […]


Completely Free Dating Sites that Work!

It is amazing how many people ask for free dating sites, and how many claim (falsely) to be free. First, let’s cover something important. Dating is not free! You might you a completely free dating site to meet people, but it still costs money to go out. Maybe you are dating guys who pick up […]